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                                            July 21, 2018

Sabbath Service         (7/21/18 at 11:00 AM):

Message:                Neal Parker

Scripture Reading:   Robert Bice

Message:                Ben Franklin 








Food & Drinks Restricted To Kitchen Area:  As we discussed, in the last Church General Meeting, we will be having the carpets professionally cleaned, in the next two weeks. In effort to keep the carpets, as clean as possible, please keep all food and drinks in the Kitchen area, only and limited to before and after church services. 

Children's Sabbath Classes:  The Children's Sabbath Class will be conducted during the 1st message, on July 14.

July 2018 Birthdays & Anniversaries:  Mary Ella Lucas' birthday - 7/2/18; John & Carolyn Warnock's 32nd Wedding Anniversary - 7/5/18; Richard Vogan's birthday - 7/11/18; Cassie Leavell's birthday - 7/17/18.

Volunteers Needed for Duties:  If you would like to serve in the weekly Sabbath Services, please sign the Volunteers Lists for duties.  



































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