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                                            May 26, 2018

Pentecost Holy Day Service         (5/20/18 at 11:00 AM):

Scripture Reading:  Tim Alford

Message:               Neal Parfker







Towels For Animals Donations:  Kakki Brown will be collecting used towels (no rags, please) for animals on the behalf of the Humane Society and Sanctuary Animal Rescue. A labeled box is in the front sitting area of the church building.


Teen Sabbath Classes:  The Teen Sabbath Class will be conducted next Sabbath (June 2, 2018) during the 1st message. 


Children's Sabbath Class:  The Children's (10 years and under) Sabbath Class will be conducted during the 1st message, on June 9, 2018.


May 2018 Birthdays & Anniversaries:  April McMahan's Birthday - 5/1/18; Blake & Emily Franklin's 3rd Wedding Anniversary - 5/2/18; Parker Lucas' Birthday - 5/6/18; Reese & April McMahan's 4th Wedding Anniversary - 5/10/18; Angie Leavell's Birthday - 5/22/18; Mandy DeMarco's Birthday - 5/26/18; Dan & Janice Burt's 45th Wedding Anniversary - 5/27/18; John Warnock's Birthday - 5/30/18


Pentecost Holy Day Service Thank You!:  Thank you to everyone who worked to make the Pentecost Holy Day Service a success! We appreciate those that helped with the setup, serving and cleanup of the Pentecost meal! 


June 2018 Calendars:  The June 2018 church and sunset-moon phase calendars are available.


Misc. Dates:  Father's Day is Sunday, June 17; summer begins Thursday, June 21



































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