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Sabbath Services:  March 21, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Being Positively Stressed With COVID-19

Being Positively Stressed With COVID-19.pdf

Positively Stressed By COVID-19.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

In Remembrance Of Him

In Remembrance Of Him.pdf

In Remembrance Of Him.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 14, 2020

Message:  Bob Franklin

Are We Able To Bear?

Are You Able to Bear?.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Freed To Serve God

Sabbath Services:  March 7, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Galatians Excerpts

Galatians Excerpts.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker



Freed to Serve God.mp3


Sabbath Services:  February 29, 2020

Message:  David Duff

When God Takes You Into Unfamiliar Territory?

God Takes Unfamiliar Territory.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Our Responsibility In Passover Preparation

Passover Preparation.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 22, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Christology:  What It Is and Why It Is Important

Christology - What It Is and Why It Is Important.pdf


Sabbath Services:  February 15, 2020

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts of the Apostles

Chapters 26-28 

Acts Chapters 26-28 Study Guide.pdf

Acts Chapters 26-28.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 8, 2020

Message:  Bob Franklin

The Elect

The Elect.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

What Are We To Learn From Joseph?

What We Learn From Joseph.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 18, 2020

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts of the Apostles - Chapters 23 - 25

Acts of the Apostles Study Guide Chapters 23-25.pdf

Acts Chapters 23-25.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 11, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Are We Attached To The Branch?

Are We Attached To The Branch?.mp4

Sabbath Services:  January 4, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Viewing the Laws of Moses

Viewing the Laws of Moses.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Are We Mature?

Are We Mature?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 31, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 20 - 22

Acts of the Apostles Study Guide Chapters 20-22.pdf

Acts Chapters 20-22.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 21, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Guidance From The Holy Spirit

Guidance from The Holy Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 7, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker



Sabbath Services:  November 30, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker 

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 17 - 19

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 17 - 19 Study Guide.pdf

Acts Chapters 17 - 19.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 23, 2019

Message:  Bob Franklin



Message:  Neal Parker

Blessing of Children

Blessing of Children.pdf

Blessing of Children.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 16, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Invest to Gain in Relationships

Invest To Gain In Relationships.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

What Are We To Be Watching?

What Are We To Be Watching?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 9, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Mentors For Christ

Mentor For Christ.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Little Child, It Won't Be Long, Now

Little Child, It Won't Be Long.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 2, 2019

Message:  David Leavell

Keep The Law?

Keep The Law?.m3

Message:  Neal Parker

Execute The Plan

Execute The Plan.mp3

Execute The Plan.pdf

The Terry Fox Story.com

Sabbath Services:  October 12, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

The Peace to Come - Millennium

The Peace To Come-Millennium.mp3

Day of Atonement Holy Day Services:  October 9, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

A Day of Reconciliation; A Day of Release

Day of Atonement Reconciliation.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 5, 2019

Message:  David Leavell

Examining The Sabbath Queston

Examining The Sabbath Question.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

The Year of the Jubilee

The Year of the Jubilee.mp3

Feast of Trumpets Holy Day Services:  September 30, 2019

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Dream

The Dream.mp3

Message: Neal Parker

Judgment & Ressurection

Judgment and Resurrection.mp3

Judgment & Resurrection.pdf

Sabbath Services:  September 28, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts of the Apostles 

Chapters 11 - 13 

Acts Bible Study Outline#4.pdf

Acts Bible Study Presentation#4.pdf

Acts Chapters 11-13.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 21, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

How To Watch

How To Watch.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 14, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Book of Life and God's Fall Holy Days

Book of Life-Fall Holy Days.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Blessings and Curses

Blessings and Curses.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 7, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

After Death

After Death.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 31,2019

Message:  Fred Mobley



Message:  Neal Parker

Prepare To Be A Scribe

Prepare To Be A Scribe.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 24, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts of the Apostles 

Chapters 8 - 10 

Bible Study Guide- Acts 8 - 10.pdf

Acts Chapters 8 - 10.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 17, 2019

Message:  David Leavell

Who Are "God-Fearers"?

Who Are "God-Fearers"?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Are We Really Walking In The Light?

Do We Really Walk In The Light?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 3, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Christian Salts:  Valuable Commodity

Christian Salts.pdf

Christian Salts.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 20, 2019

Group Bible Study

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 5 - 7

Acts Chapters 5-7.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 13, 2019

Message:  Bob Franklin

Never Learning

Never Learning.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Life of Significance

Life of Significance.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 6, 2019

Message:  David Leavell

Few Things Outside The Bible

Few Things Outside The Bible.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Freedom's Value

Freedom's Value.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 29, 2019

Message:  Fred Mobley

The Hardest Commandment To Keep

Hardest Commandment To Keep.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Lessons From King Saul

Lessons From King Saul.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 22, 2019

Group Bible Study

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 3-5

Acts of the Apostles Bible Study Part 2 Guide.pdf

Acts of the Apostles Part 2.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 15, 2019

Message:  David Leavell

Colossians 2:14-16

Colossians 2:14-16.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Honoring Our Fathers

Honoring Our Fathers.mp3

Pentecost Holy Day Services:  June 9, 2019

Message:  Fred Mobley

Pentecost:  For The Church or the Future

Pentecost: Church or Future.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

The Calling of First Fruits

The Calling of First Fruits.pdf

The Calling of First Fruits.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 8, 2019

Message:  Bob Franklin

Stop and Consider

Stop and Consider.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Seeking a Sign

Seeking A Sign.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 1, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Distinguishing The Spirits

Distinguishing the Spirits.pdf

Distinguishing the Spirits.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 25, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Acts Chapters 1 & 2

Acts Chapters 1 & 2.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 18, 2019

Message: David Leavell

Ephesians 2:15

Ephesians 2:15 Handout.pdf

Ephesians 2:15.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 11, 2019

Message:  Bob Franklin

Our Purpose

Our Purpose.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Effect of a Mother

The Effect of a Mother.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 4, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

Peace, Be With You

Peace, Be With You.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 27, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.pdf

A Chronology of Jesus Christ's Resurrection.mp3

Resurrection of Jesus Christ.mp3

Holy Day Services:  April 26, 2019

Message:  Ben Franklin

Are We Only Putting Leaven Out?

Only Putting Leaven Out?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Importance of the Wave Sheaf Offering

Wave Sheaf Offering Importance.mp3

Holy Day Services:  April 20, 2019

Message:  Fred Mobley

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

It Is Important That We Eat Unleavened Bread

Eat Unleavened Bread.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 13, 2019

Message:  Neal Parker

What Does The Lord Require of Us?

The Lord Requires of Us.pdf

The Lord Requires of Us. mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 23, 2019

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Crucifixion of Jesus

Crucifixion of Jesus Chronology.pdf

Crucifixion of Jesus.mp3

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