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Sabbath Services:  December 8, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

Your Talents

Your Talents.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Cautious Christians

Cautious Christians.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 1, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Courageous Christians

Courageous Christians.pdf

Courageous Christians.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 24, 2018

Message:  David Leavell

Sin of Unthankfulness

Sin of Unthankfulness.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 17, 2018

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Proverbs Chapters 16 -19

Proverbs Bible Study Guide Chapters 16-19.pdf

Proverbs Chapters 16-19,mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 10, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Cost of the Crown of Life

Cost of the Crown of Life.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Is Your Conscience A Good Compass?

Is Conscience A Good Compass.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 3, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

Working Out Your Salvation

Working Out Your Salvation.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Crown of Righteous Judgment

Crown of Righteous Judgment.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 27, 2018

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Proverbs Chapters 12-15

Proverbs Bible Study Guide Chapters 12-15.pdf

Proverbs Chapters 12-15.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 20, 2018

Message:  David Leavell

Difficult Resurrection Scriptures

Difficult Scriptures.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

God's Harvests Part 2

God's Harvests Part 2.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 13, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

God of the Living

God of the Living.mp3

God Of The Living.pdf

Types of Resurrections.mp3

Resurrections In The Bible - Old & New Testaments.pdf

Message:  Ben Franklin

God's Harvest Part I

God's Harvests Part I.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 6, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

After The Last Great Day

After The Last Great Day.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus.mp3

Christmas Origins.pdf

Is December 25th Jesus' Birthday.pdf

Sabbath Services:  September 22, 2018

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Proverbs Chapters 8-11

Day of Atonement Holy Day Services:  September 19, 2019

Message:  Fred Mobley

The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

A Day of Covering, A Day of Reconciliation

Day - Covering / Reconciliation.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 15, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

The Next 8 Days

In The Next 8 Days.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

A Fast Called By God

A Fast Called By God.pdf

A Fast Called By God.mp3

Feast of Trumpets Holy Day Services:  September 10, 2018

Message:  Fred Mobley

The Trump Shall Sound

The Trump Shall Sound.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

In Righteousness He Judges and Makes War

In Righteousness He Judges.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 8, 2018

Message: Neal Parker




Special Music:  Michaela Parker

The Prayer - Gabriel Faure

The Prayer.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Will of God is Coming

The Will of God is Coming.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 1, 2018

Message:  Bill Repp

A Generational Shift

Church Quiz.pdf

A Generational Shift.mp3

Special Music:  Bill Repp



Message:  Neal Parker



Restoration, mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 25, 2018

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Proverbs Chapter 4-7

Proverbs 4 - 7 Bible Study.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 18, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Little By Little

Little By Little.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 11, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

The Kingdom of God

*Due to Audio Issue, the Recording Begins on Slide #6

The Kingdom of God.pdf

The Kingdom of God.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Predestination and Our Future

Predestination and Our Future.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 4, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

What Is A Christian?

What Is A Christian?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 28, 2018

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Proverbs:  Chapters 1 - 3

Proverbs Chapters 1-3 Study.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 21, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker


The Will To Be or Not To Be:  That Is The Question

The Will To Be or Not To Be.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

What Is The Spirit of Prophecy?

What Is The Spirit of Prophecy?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 14, 2018

Message:  David Leavell

Pride of Life

Pride of Life.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Mt. Zion to Mt. of Olives

Mt Zion to Mt of Olives.mp3

7 Seals & 7 Trumpets.pdf

Sabbath Services:  July 7, 2018

Message:  Bob Franklin

Saints Must Have Good Works

Saints Must Have Good Works. mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

True Freedom

True Freedom.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 30, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Hope and Faith in Trumpets

Hope and Faith in Trumpets.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 23, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Counting The Cost

Counting the Cost.pdf

Counting the Cost.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 16, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Fathers Affect Our View Of God The Father

Fathers Affect Our View Of God The Father.pdf

Fathers Affect Our View Of God The Father - Handout.pfd

Fathers Affect Our View Of God.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Blessing of Being a Father

The Blessing of Being a Fathers.mp3

The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt weblink

Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax On Wax Off) weblink

Karate Kid Lessons Come Together weblink

Sabbath Services:  June 9, 2018

Message:  David Leavell

Beware Covetousness

Beware of Covetousness.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Pro-Life God

Pro-Life God.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 2, 2018 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

You Are To Have Good Works 

You Are To Have Good Works.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Character Counts 

Character Counts.pdf

Character Counts.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 26, 2018 

 Mesage:  Neal Parker

Transition to Bride of Christ 

Transition to Bride of Christ.mp3

Pentecost Holy Day Service:  May 20, 2018 

Message:  Fred Mobley 

Promise of Pentecost 

Promise of Pentecost.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Seriousness of Our First Fruit Calling 

Seriousness-First Fruit Calling.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 19, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Joel 2 & Acts 2 

Joel 2 & Acts 2.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Be Thankful For Being Called 

Be Thankful You Are Called.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 12, 2018 

Message:  David Leavell 

Hebrews 4:9 

Hebrews 4:9.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Receive the Spirit of Truth 

Receive The Spirit of Truth.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 5, 2018 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Do We Watch For The Holy Spirit? 

Do We Watch For The Holy Spirit.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit 

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 28, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Distinguishing of Spirits 

Distinguishing of Spirits.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 21, 2018 

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Why Do We Need The Power Of The Holy Spirit? 

Need Power Of The Holy Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Service:  April 14, 2018 

Message:  Bill Repp 

Coming Alien Invasion 

Coming Alien Invasion.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

What Is The Holy Spirit Doing? 

What Is The Holy Spirit Doing?.mp3

Sabbath Service:  April 7, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

The Holy Spirit:  Priceless 

Holy Spirit - Priceless.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Don't Go Back To Egypt 

Don't Go Back To Egypt.mp3

Holy Day Services:  1st Day of Unleavened Bread:  March 31, 2108

Message:  Fred Mobley 

God is the God of the Do Over 

God is the God of the Do Over.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

The Symbol of The Cloud 

The Symbol of The Cloud.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 24, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Spring Holy Days:  What Do They Mean?  

Spring Holy Days - What Do They Mean?.pdf

Spring Holy Days - Meanings.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 17, 2018

Message:  Neal Parker

Why the Crucifixion?

The Crucificion A Medical Perspective Video web link

Why the Crucifixion?.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Examine Yourself 

Examine Yourself.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 10, 2018 

Message:  David Leavell 

Fulfilled Prophecy - Jesus' First Coming 

Prophecy-Jesus 1st Coming.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

The Righteous Shall Live By His Faith 

Righteous Shall Live By Faith.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 3, 2018 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

What's Ahead? 

What's Ahead?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Our Vision With Humility 

Our Vision With Humility.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 24, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Is "Just As I Am" Good Enough? 

Is "Just As I Am" Good Enough?.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Cycle of God's Holy Days 

Cycle of God's Holy Days.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 17, 2018 

Message:  Bill Repp 

Zechariah's Thermonuclear War 

Zechariahs Thermonuclear War.pdf

Zechariahs Thermonuclear War.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 10, 2018 

Message:  David Leavell 

What Would Jesus Think? 

What Would Jesus Think?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Are We On Solid Ground? 

Are We On Solid Ground?.pdf

Are We On Solid Ground?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 4, 2018 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

What Do You Expect In Life? 

What Do You Expect In Life?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Who Do People Say You Are? 

Who Do People Say You Are?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 27, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

What Can We Learn From John The Baptist? 

Learn From John The Baptist.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 20, 2018 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Sanctify Yourself For God's Use, Now 

Sanctify Yourself For God's Use.mp3

Blessing of Children 

Leona Oakleigh Walker 

For This Child weblink

Message:   Ben Franklin 

The Root System 

The Root System.pdf

The Root System.mp3

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