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Day Of Atonement Holy Day Services:  September 30, 2017 

Message:  Fred Mobley 

Compassionate High Priest 

Compassionate High Priest.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Order of Melchizedek 

Order of Melchizedek.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 23, 2017 

Message:  Ben Franklin 

The Day After The Trumpets Blew 

The Day After The Trumpets Blew.mp3

Message:  Bob Franklin 

How Important Is Today? 

How Important Is Today?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 16, 2017 

Message:  Dave Havir 

Samaria - Old Testament 

Samaria - Old Testament.mp3

Message:  Dave Havir 

Samaria - New Testament 

Samaria - New Testament.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 9, 2017 

Message:  David Leavell 

Fleeing Temptation 

Fleeing Temptation.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Feast of Trumpets Significant Factors 

Trumpets Significant Factors.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 2, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

God's Holy Days - Blueprint for Salvation 

God's Holy Days - Blueprint for Salvation.pdf

Prophecies of the First Coming of Christ.pdf

God's Holy Days - Blueprint.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 26, 2017 

Message:  Mike Nichols 

Is There Only One God? 

Is There Only One God.pdf

Is There Only One God?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 19, 2017 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

God Has A Timetable 

God Has A Timetable.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Growing Toward The Child of God

Growing Toward Child of God.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 12, 2017 

Message:  David Leavell 

Praise You In This Storm 

Praise You In This Storm.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Positively Stressed 

Positively Stressed.ppt

Positively Stressed.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 5, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Even If He Does Not... 

Even If He Does Not...mp.3

Sabbath Services:  July 22, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

What Can We Learn From Gideon? 

What Can We Learn From Gideon.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 15, 2017 

Message:  David Leavell 

What Does "Under The Law" Mean? 

What Does Under The Law Mean.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Desire For God's Law 

Desire For God's Law.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 8, 2017 

 Message:  Bill Repp

The Approaching Apostasy 

The Approaching Apostasy.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Are We Loyal To God? 

Are We Loyal To God?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 1, 2017 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Do You Recognize God's Voice? 

Do You Recognize God's Voice.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Law, Statues & Judgments:  Application To Our Life 

Law Statue Judgment:Application.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 24, 2017 

Message:  Mike Nichols

Our Message To The World

Our Message To The World.pdf

Our Message To The World.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 17, 2017 

Message:  David Leavell 

A Few Things To Consider

A Few Things To Consider.mp3

Special Music:  Daddy's Hands 

Daddy's Hands.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Fatherhood Responsibilities 

Fatherhood Responsibilities.mp3

Pentecost Holy Day Services:  June 4, 2017 

Message:  Fred Mobley 



Blessing of Children 

Justin Parker Lucas

Blessing of Parker Lucas.mp3

In Good Hands Video Web Link

Message:  Neal Parker 

Unity And The Holy Spirit 

Unity And The Holy Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 3, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker

Value of The Holy Spirit 

Value of The Holy Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 27, 2017 

Special Music Video:  Nichole Nordeman 



Message:  Mike Nichols 

Godly Correction Part ii 

Godly Correction Part ii.pdf

Godly Correction Part ii.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 20, 2017 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Becoming A Priest of Christ 

Becoming A Priest of Christ.mp3

Message:  David Leavell 

A Few Aspects of God's Word

A Few Aspects of God's Word.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 13, 2016 

Special Music Video:  Josh Groban 

You Raise Me Up 


Message:  Neal Parker 

First Fruits, Pentecost & 144,000 

First Fruits/Pentecost/144,000.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 6, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

A Purpose of First Fruits 

A Purpose of First Fruits.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

First Fruits Waiting For Pentecost Fulfillment 

First Fruits Waiting-Pentecost.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 22, 2017 

Message:  Mike Nichols 

Godly Correction

Godly Correction.pdf

Godly Correction.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 15, 2017 

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Golden Calves 

Golden Calves.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Importance of the Wave Sheaf Offering 

Importance-Wave Sheaf Offering.mp3

Feast of Unleavened Bread Holy Day Service:  April 11, 2017

Message:  Stephen Glover 

We Are Called Out of Egypt 

We Are Called Out Of Egypt.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Movement To Perfection 

Movement To Perfection.video

Movement To Perfection.pdf

Movement To Perfection.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 8, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

The Night To Be Much Observed 

The Night To Be Much Observed.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 1, 2017 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Is God Working In You? 

Is God Working In You?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 25, 2017 

Message:  Mike Nichols 



Sabbath Services:  March 18, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Do This In Remembrance Of Me.pdf

Do This In Remembrance Of Me.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

God Is Mindful Of Us 

God Is Mindful of Us.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 11, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker

The Christian Passover 

The Christian Passover.pdf

The Christian Passover.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 4, 2017 

Importance - Wave Sheaf Offering.mp

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Send Me 

Send Me.mp3

Scripture Reading:  Bill Repp 

Mark 1:9-28 


Message:  Neal Parker 

Are We Wearing Down?

Are We Wearing Down?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 25, 2017 

Special Music:  Bill Repp 

The Old Man Is Dead 

The Old Man Is Dead.mp3

Scripture Reading:  Richard Vogan 

Psalm 142 

Psalm 142.mp3

Message:  Mike Nichols 


Self-Righteousness Handout.pdf

Self Righteousness.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 18, 2017 

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Life of Significance 

Life of Significance.mp3

Message:  Whit Moore 

Love Is For The Comman Good 

Love Is For The Common Good.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 11, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Hypocrisy:  Beware! 

Hypocrisy - Beware.mp3

Hypocrisy - Beware - Study Verses.pdf

Sabbath Services:  January 28, 2017 

Sabbath Day 

Sabbath Day Video

Message:  Neal Parker 

Becoming Tomorrow's Shepherds 

Becoming Tomorrow's Shepherd.pdf

Becoming Tomorrow's Shepherds.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 21, 2017 

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Peaceful Transition of Power 

Peaceful Transition of Power.mp3

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Special Relationship:  David and God 

David and God.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 14, 2017 

Message:  Neal Parker 

Our Need for Meditation 

Our Need for Meditation.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 31, 2016 

Message:  Fred Mobley 

A Good God; A Bad World 

A Good God; A Bad World.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Our Need For Zeal 

Our Need For Zeal.pdf

Our Need For Zeal.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 24, 2016 

* Recording Failed On 1st Message (Ben Franklin) 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

Do You Have Confidence In God? 

Do You Have Confidence In God.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 17, 2016 

Message:  David Leavell 

Grinches on Christmas? 

Grinches on Christmas?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Hezekiah:  Restoration, Prayer & Pride 

Hezekiah: Restoration, Prayer & Pride.pdf

Hezekiah: Lesson for Us.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 10, 2016 

Message:  Neal Parker 

The Man of God and Deception 

The Man of God and Deception.pdf

The Man of God and Deception.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

A Battle of a Tug of War 

A Battle of a Tug of War.mp2

Sabbath Services:  December 3, 2016 

Message:  Bill Repp 

I Never Knew You / Mark of the Beast 

I Never Knew You.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Slipping the Moorings and Drifting 

Slipping The Moorings & Drifting.mp

Sabbath Services:  November 26, 2016 

Message:  Bob Franklin 

The Day Forgotten 

The Day Forgotten.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 19, 2016 

Parables Group Bible Study Discussion

Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus 

Parables Bible Study 111916

Message:  Neal Parker 

Prudence That Is Needed 

Prudence That Is Needed.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 12, 2016 

Parables Group Bible Study Discussion 

Parable of The Rich Fool 

Parables Bible Study 111216.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin 

Simplicity in Christ 

Simplicity In Christ.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 5, 2016 

 Parables Group Bible Study Discussion

Parable of The Pharisee and Tax Collector 

Parables Bible Study 110516.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker 

Honesty and Integrity 

Honesty and Integrity.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 29, 2016 

Open Discussion Bible Study 

Message:  Mike Nichols 

Prove All Things 

Prove All Things.mp3

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