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Sabbath Services:  September 4, 2021

Blessing of Little Children: Neal Parker

Blessing of Little Children.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Unless We Turn And Become Like A Child

Unless We Turn & Become Child.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 28, 2021

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Book of Joshua (Chapters 9-10)

Book of Joshua Chapter Summary.doc

Joshua & Jesus In The Bible.pdf

Joshua Chapters 9-10.mp3

Book of Joshua (Chapters 11-12)

Joshua Chapters 11-12.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 14, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

What God Hates

What God Hates.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Parable of Cloth, Wineskins & Wine

Cloth, Wineskins & Wine.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 7, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Confusion & Fear

Confusion & Fear.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 31, 2021

Message:  David Duff

Psalm 23 

Psalm 23.mp3

Special Music:  Bill Repp

Aren't We The Ones

Aren't We The Ones.mp3

Hear Me

Hear Me.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Waiting On God

Waiting on God.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 31, 2021

Group Bible Study:  Joshua Chapters 5-8

Joshua Chapters 5-8.mp3

Sabbath Service:  July 17, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Our Daily Interactions

Our Daily Interactions.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Between Pentecost and Trumpets

Between Pentecost and Trumpets.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 10, 2021


Message:  David Leavell

Our Challenging Priviledge.mp3



Special Music:  Bill Repp

Let It Go

Let It Go.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Our Challenging Priviledge Our High Calling

Sabbath Services:  July 3, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

A Thief In The Night

A Thief In The Night.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 26, 2021

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Book of Joshua Introduction and Chapters 1 - 4

Introduction to Joshua.mp3

Joshua Chapters 1 - 4.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 19, 2021

Since Time Began.mp3

Special Music:  Bill Repp

Since Time Began

Message:  Neal Parker

The Inviolable Oath

The Inviolable Oath.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 12, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Teaching Others

Teaching Others.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Good Shepherds

Good Shepherds.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 5, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

Be Holy For I Am Holy

Be Holy For I Am Holy.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Seeking Unity Rather Than Promoting Disunity

Seeking Unity.mp3

Sabath Service:  May 29, 2021

Group Bible Study

II Timothy

II Timothy Group Bible Study.mp3

Pentecost Holy Day Services:  May 23, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Be Apart of the Harvest.mp3

Be Apart of the Harvest

Special Music / Offeratory / Scripture Reading

Music Offeratory Reading.mp3

Bill Repp / Steve Burleson / Dave Mason

Message:  Neal Parker

A Grain Falls to the Ground

Gain Falls To The Ground.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 22, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Spirtual Maturity:  Developing A Depth of Understanding

Depth of Understanding.mp3

Special Music:  Bill Repp

I Thought Of You In Prayers, Today

I Thought of You In My Prayers.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Importance of Prayer

Importance of Prayer.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 15, 2021

Message:  Bill Repp

Enemies of the State

Enemies of the State.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Spiritual Maturiry:  Challenges, Choices & Consequences

Spiritual Maturity: Challenges, Choices & Consequences.pdf

Spiritual Maturity - 3 C's.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 8, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Patient Endurance

Patient Endurance.pdf

Patient Endurance.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 1, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

Slavery in the Bible

Slavery in the Bible.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Gift of Discernment

Gift of Discernment.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 24, 2021

Recap:  Neal Parker

I Timothy Chapters 1 - 2

Recap I Timothy Chapters 1 -2.pdf

I Timothy Handout.pdf

Recap I Timothy Chapters 1-2.mp3

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

I Timothy Chapters 3 - 6

I Timothy Chapters 3-6.pdf

I Timothy Chapters 3-6.mp3

Sabbath Services:  April 17, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin



Special Music:  Bill Repp

What's Wrong With This Picture?

What's Wrong With This Picture?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker




Sabbath Services:  April 10, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

Thoughts From the Days of Unleavened Bread

Thoughts From Unleavened Bread.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do We Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness?

Do You Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness?.pdf

Hunger & Thirst Righteousness.mp3

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Parable of the Lost Son

Parable of the Lost Son.pdf

Parable of the Lost Son.mp3

Last Day of Unleavened Bread Holy Day Service:  April 3, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Lasting Meaning of the Days of Unleavened Bread

Lasting Meaning-Unleaven Bread.mp3

Special Music:  Blake Franklin

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Great Is Thy Faithfulness.mp3

Message:  Neal Parler

Counting to Pentecost

Counting to Pentecost.pdf

Counting To Pentecost.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 20, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Anchored to Jesus Christ

Anchored to Jesus Christ.mp3

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Gospel Accounts of Jesus Christ's Crucifixion

Jesus Christ's Crucifixion - Trauma Surgeon's Perspective Video Link

Jesus Christ's Crucifixion.pdf

Crucifixion of Jesus Study Guide.pdf

Jesus Christ's Crucifixion.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 13, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Cleaning Correctly

Cleaning Correctly.mp3

Message: Neal Parker

What Does The Lord Require?

What Does The Lord Require?.pdf

What Does The Lord Require?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  March 6, 2021

Message:  David Leavell



Special Music:  Bill Repp

You Are Eternal

You Are Eternal.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Why Deleavening?

Why Deleavening?.pdf

Why Deleavening?.mp3

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Leaven As A Symble In The Bible

Leaven As A Symbol In The Bible.pdf

Leaven As A Symbol.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 27, 2021

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

I Timothy Chapters 1 - 2

1 Timothy Introduction.pdf

Introduction To 1 Timothy.mp3

1 Timothy Chapters 1 - 2.pdf

1 Timothy Chapters 1-2 Study.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 20, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector

Parable of the Pharisee & Tax Collector.pdf

Parable-Pharisee-Tax Collector.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

I Will Raise It Up

I Will Raise It Up.pdf

I Will Raise It Up.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 13, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Who Told You That You Are Naked?

Who Told You That You Are Naked.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Learn What It Means, I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice

I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice.pdf

I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 6, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

Blanket Rules

Blanket Rules.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do We Lack Commitment?

Do We Lack Commitment?.pdf

Hand Out Devotion vs. Dedication.pdf

Do We Lack Commitment?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 30, 2021

Group Bible Study:  Letter to Titus

Group Bible Study-Letter To Titus.pdf

Bible Study Aid- Titus & Timothy 01.30.2021.pdf

Introduction to Titus.mp3

Bible Study - Letter To Titus.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 23, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

What's Your Bowl of Soup?

What's Your Bowl of Soup?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

What's In Your Heart of Hearts?

What's In Your Heart of Hearts?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 16, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

OT View From The NT

OT View From The NT.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask, Seek & Knock.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 2, 2021

Message: Neal Parker

Watch and Watching 

Watch and Watching.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Depart From Me

Depart From Me.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 26, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Come Out of Her, My People

Come Out of Her, My People.pdf

Come Out of Her, My People.mp3

Reminders About God's Deliverance.pdf

On the Worst Day of Our Life, God Is Still There.pdf

Reminders of God's Deliverance.mp3

What Is Your Spiritual Identity?.pdf

Amos 3:3.pdf

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