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 Sabbath Services & Bible Study:  March 6, 2021

For those unable to attend the Sabbath Services, this week, March 6, 2021, at the church building, you will be able to access the service on the Go To Meeting application. 

Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (646) 749-3122

Access Code: 662-361-029

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Sabbath Services:  February 27, 2021

Group Bible Study:  Neal Parker

I Timothy Chapters 1 - 2

1 Timothy Introduction.pdf

I Timothy Handout.pdf

Introduction To 1 Timothy.mp3

1 Timothy Chapters 1 - 2.pdf

1 Timothy Chapters 1-2 Study.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 20, 2021

Message:  Neal Parker

Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector

Parable of the Pharisee & Tax Collector.pdf

Parable-Pharisee-Tax Collector.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

I Will Raise It Up

I Will Raise It Up.pdf

I Will Raise It Up.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 13, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

Who Told You That You Are Naked?

Who Told You That You Are Naked.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Learn What It Means, I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice

I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice.pdf

I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice.mp3

Sabbath Services:  February 6, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

Blanket Rules

Blanket Rules.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do We Lack Commitment?

Do We Lack Commitment?.pdf

Hand Out Devotion vs. Dedication.pdf

Do We Lack Commitment?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 30, 2021

Group Bible Study:  Letter to Titus

Group Bible Study-Letter To Titus.pdf

Bible Study Aid- Titus & Timothy 01.30.2021.pdf

Introduction to Titus.mp3

Bible Study - Letter To Titus.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 23, 2021

Message:  Ben Franklin

What's Your Bowl of Soup?

What's Your Bowl of Soup?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

What's In Your Heart of Hearts?

What's In Your Heart of Hearts?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 16, 2021

Message:  David Leavell

OT View From The NT

OT View From The NT.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask, Seek & Knock.mp3

Sabbath Services:  January 2, 2021

Message: Neal Parker

Watch and Watching 

Watch and Watching.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Depart From Me

Depart From Me.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 26, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Come Out of Her, My People

Come Out of Her, My People.pdf

Come Out of Her, My People.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 19, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

The Oral Law

The Oral Law.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

A Perfect Hate

A Perfect Hate.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 12, 2020

Bible Study:  Dave Havir

Reminders About God's Deliverance

Reminders About God's Deliverance.pdf

On the Worst Day of Our Life, God Is Still There.pdf

Reminders of God's Deliverance.mp3

Message:  Dave Havir

Your Spiritual Identity

What Is Your Spiritual Identity?.pdf

Amos 3:3.pdf

Your Spiritual Indentity.mp3

Sabbath Services:  December 5, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Peacemakers or Peace-Breakers?

Peacemakers or Peace-Breakers?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 28, 2020

Group Bible Study:  Romans 13 & 14

Romans 13 & 14.pdf

Group Bible Study-Romans 13-14.mp3

Group Bible Study:  Romans 15 & 16

Romans 15 & 16.pdf

Group Bible Study-Romans 15-16.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 21, 2020

Message:  Ben Franklin

What Is God Forming You Into?

What Is God Forming You Into?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Christ's Fulfillment of The Law

Christ's Fulfillment of The Law.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 14, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Clean and Unclean Meats

Clean & Unclean Meats.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Taking Up Your Cross

Scripture References - Cross / Stauros.pdf

Taking Up Your Cross.mp3

Sabbath Services:  November 7, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Do Not Fear God Is In Control

Do Not Fear.pdf

Do Not Fear.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 31, 2020

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Romans Chapters 10, 11 & 12

Romans Chapters 11,12 & 13.pdf

Romans Chapters 10, 11 & 12.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 24, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

How Do We Overcome?

This Is Jim Thorpe.pdf

Overcoming - Obstacles & Rewards.pdf

How Do We Overcome?.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

How Soon Are We Entangled

Ten Temptations of God in the Wilderness.pdf

How Soon Are We Entangled.mp3

Sabbath Services:  October 17, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Visionary Christian Leaders

Visionary Christian Leaders.pdf

Visionary Christian Leaders.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do The Thing Right / Do The Right Thing

Do Thing Right - Do Right Thing.pdf

Do Thing Right Do Right Thing.mp3

Day of Atonement Service:  September 28, 2020

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Christian Significance of Atonement

Christian Atonement.mp3

Feast of Trumpets Holy Day Services:  September 19, 2020

Message:  David Duff

Who Do You Love The Most?

Who Do You Love The Most?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Hope and Faith In Trumpets

Hope and Faith in Trumpets.pdf

Hope and Faith in Trumpets.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 12, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Do You Have That Heart?

Do You Have That Heart?.mp3

Sabbath Services:  September 5, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Not Without A Warning

Not Without A Warning.pdf

Not Without A Warning.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 29, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Are We Building On The Rock Foundation?

Building On The Rock Foundation.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 15, 2020

Message:  Ben Franklin

Prayer Is Our Daily Sacrifice

Prayer Is Our Daily Sacrifice.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Red Horse:  Takes Peace From The Earth

Red Horse: Takes Peace From Earth.pdf

Red Horse: Revelation Scriptural References.pdf

Red Horse: Peace From Earth.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 8, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Changes To The Law

Changes To The Law.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Testing or Tempting

Testing or Tempting.pdf

Testing or Tempting.mp3

Sabbath Services:  August 1, 2020

Message:  Bob Franklin

Foundation of Lies

Foundation of Lies.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Learning from Jacob

Learning From Jacob.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 25, 2020

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

Romans  - Introduction

Romans Chapters 1 -3 Presentation.pdf

OT Citations In Romans.pdf

Introduction To Romans.mp3

Romans Chapters 1 - 3.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 18, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Literalism & The Bible

Literalism & The Bible.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Our Judgment

Our Judgment.pdf

Our Judgment.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 11, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Christian Life of Striving

Christian Life of Striving.pdf

Christian Life of Striving.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

The Noise of a Christian

The Noise of a Christian.mp3

Sabbath Services:  July 4, 2020

Message:  Bob Franklin

Satan & His Demons

Satan & His Demons.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Perseverance of the Saints

Perseverance Of The Saints.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 27, 2020

Bible Study:  Neal Parker

II Peter Chapters 1 - 3

II Peter Chapters 1-3.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 20, 2020

Message:  David Leavell

Grace:  Use In The New Testament

Grace Use In The New Testament.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

White Horse:  Conquering And To Conquer

Conquering And To Conquer.pdf

Conquering And To Conquer.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 13, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

To Whom Does God Look?

To Whom Does God Look?.mp3

Message:  Ben Franklin

Famine of the Word and Tares

Famine of the Word and Tares.mp3

Sabbath Services:  June 6, 2020

Message:  Bob Franklin

Let Us Study God's Word

Let Us Study God's Word.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Praying For This World

Pray For This World.mp3

Pentecost Service:  May 31, 2020

Message:  Ben Franklin

Counting To Pentecost

Counting to Pentecost.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit.pdf

Do Not Grieve God's Spirit.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 23, 2020

Message:  Ben Franklin

Did You Leave Your Faucet On?

Did You Leave Your Faucet On?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Edure Until The Harvest

Endure Until The Harvest.pdf

Endure Until The Harvest.mp3

Sabbath Services:  May 16, 2020

Message:  Neal Parker

Do We Sigh and Cry Over the Abomination in Our Midst?

Do We Sigh and Cry For the Abomination in Our Midst?.pdf

Do We Sigh And Cry?.mp3

Message:  Neal Parker

Earnestly Contending For The Faith

Earnestly Contending For The Faith.pdf

Earnestly Contending .mp3

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